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Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Cleaning!!


I did a little "spring cleaning" on my blog tonight.

My blog is private... And I can only have 100 readers. There are people asking to join my blog. But I couldn't invite them because I have too many friends. Hahaha just kidding, mostly I have too much family. Soooooo my solution to this was... If I have not heard from you in a while like a comment or something or if I didn't recognize you from your email alone, I deleted you from my list.

I am sorry. I just didn't know what else to do.

If you would like to another invite please leave me your email and name.

Also, If you have a blog and I do not have you on my list tell me. 

And last thing... Do people even look at blogs anymore? Or am I and my 10 friends that comment the only ones that look at blogs and blog?! I do not care about how many comments I get, I really don't. Just asking if anyone even cares about blogs? I know I didn't for a while :/

I think we should all blog again.
And we should all print them out.
That way we can have a journal instead of just a picture on Insta!!!



  1. I wish everyone was back into blogging. While I love love love Instagram, I love reading people's stories, lives, etc, but in more detail then just a pic and some hashtags. Glad I'm still on your list! :) ps. Where do you buy all your clothes? You always have the cutest stuff on. I need help!

  2. I hate writing so I never update my blog. But, I love to read everyone else's! I want to read yours!
    Amber Thrasher

  3. I'm always reading but bad at blogging! But I'm with you let's get blogging again! My email is retroplastic17@hotmail.com

  4. I love reading your blog, you're an inspiration to me. I would love an invite, if there's room ;) my email is jessicaapierce31@gmail.com

  5. I love reading your blog don't delete me please :)